Tear Stain Remover for Dogs - Easily Get Rid of Dog Tear Stains

Dog Tear Stains on your new puppy? Here is what to do….

So you just bought a darling precious new puppy and you are in love!

But wait! There seems to be a problem……Dog Tear Stains!

After a few days or weeks you begin to notice some tear staining or eye discharge that is seeping out from the inside corners or the outside edges of your puppy's eyes.

If you are concerned, I can totally relate to what you are feeling.

When I got my first Maltese puppy, I soon noticed that there was fluid draining from my puppy's eyes that was creating an ugly dark red brown stain and I was a bit alarmed.

At first I thought that the dog tear stains might be due to the fact that my puppy was teething. But after the teething was over the eye stain continued and it seemed to just get worse.

I checked with my veterinarian and he explained to me that the Maltese breed of dog along with many other breeds of dogs and cats were very susceptible to getting tear staining problems. The great thing was that there was nothing medically wrong with my darling puppy. In fact my precious little dog was in excellent health except for the ugly eye stain that marred his little face.

My veterinarian suggested I try a simple tear stain remover for dogs for the dog tear stains problem. It was a simple powder and all I had to do was add it to my puppy's food and within three weeks the tear stain problem was totally gone. Now my little Maltese has a beautiful face to match his darling personality.

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BEFORE Angels Eyes

and  AFTER Angels Eyes (below)








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